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Virgin Atlantic and Delta – London to New York Flights

Currently, nearly 60% of the slots at London Heathrow are controlled by a joint venture between British Airways and American Airlines. They have a monopoly on transatlantic flights from Heathrow, including flights between London and New York.

The London-New York flights are considered the most important in the world for business travel, and now Virgin Atlantic and Delta are proposing their own joint venture to take on BA and American Airlines.

The Virgin/Delta joint venture would mean that networks, prices and schedules are planned and coordinated, with a total of 23 round trips between London and New York each day. For business travellers, an additional benefit would be shared frequent flyer benefits and business lounge access.

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US Airways and American Airlines Merger

American Airlines and US Airways have confirmed plans for their merger. In future the American Airlines name will be used to cover all flights, and will make the resulting airline the largest in the world.

The merger will allow American Airlines to re-brand and to improve their service and marketing, making changes to their offerings. People that make regular business flights with either existing airline are currently being promised that frequent flyer and reward programmes will remain without negative change. Currently, American Airlines have their AAdvantage program which is the largest loyalty program in the world, and rewards business travellers for the miles they fly with priority boarding or seat upgrades amongst other benefits. US Airways currently have their Dividend Miles system, though rewards take longer to accumulate under their system.

American Airlines are promising an exceptional business flight service, with 56 countries covered. The new American Airlines will offer more than 6,500 flights each day, to more than 330 destinations. US Airways shareholders will own 28% of the resulting company, whilst American Airlines shareholders will own the 72% majority. US Airways’ CEO Doug Parker will be CEO of the new American Airlines, and many other members of the US Airways management team will retain their current positions. The American Airlines headquarters at Fort Worth in Texas will be the consolidated HQ of the new American Airlines.

There are expectations that increased air fares and ticket prices will be a result of the merger, despite a promise by American Airlines and US Airways that competition from other airlines will ensure that their prices are kept in check. If prices do increase, then it’s important to remember that you can save money on your American Airlines flights by booking with Experfly. Contact a travel expert at Experfly today, and ensure that you’re not paying more than you need to for your business class and first class flight tickets.

American Airlines & US Airways Merger?

Two of America’s prominent airlines, American Airlines and US Airways, have officially confirmed their merger plans.

The potential new airline will plan to operate under the American Airlines name, and will be Headquartered in Dallas, USA. Annual cost savings of more than $1 billion is predicted by 2015 through the synergies’ of the two companies. The merger is subject to regulatory approval.